Tiffany Douzart Illustration

Hi! my name is Tiffany C. Douzart. I was born in Charleston, S.C., an old city that influenced my passion for story, history, design, and timeless beauty. I am an illustrator, designer, and avid storyteller. I have a propensity for drawing characters as well as designing products and sequences that invoke an emotional response and personal connection to the viewer. I enjoy the process of conceptualization and the challenge of thinking outside the box.

I like to be innovative with my work inspired by clean modernism as well as cultured romanticism. I like to be challenged with my design. I work well within a team and believe that the diversity of ideas can develop one great idea that can touch, communicate, and interact with the masses.

My studies in Film at the University of Central Florida(B.A.) and in Illustration at Savannah College of Art & Design(M.A.) have sharpened my ability to conceptualize using various techniques such as painting, drawing, digital rendering, story construction, and character study. My studies in film have taught me the intricacies of cinematic language and its translation and development of story ideas. I will bring a unique perspective, enthusiasm, and talent to any creative position and project.